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About Cult of Adas

Cult of Adas

Is a guild on EU - The Red Eclipse - server, founded by freinds who have played mmos for a long time, coming from hardcore and social backgrounds.  We are so excited over SWTOR and aim to have a good time and enjoy the game to its fullest.  And to crush the Jedi and those that stand with them.

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Moving Forward

by Kyshwrae, 840 days ago

It's with a heavy heart that I need to announce that from this Sunday (15th June), Cult of Adas will in it's current form come to an end.

This isn't the end for us, however! We'll be moving on to a new, bright adventure with the folks in Imperìum. And everyone is welcome.

The main sticking point for most people regarding Imperìum were their Raiding hours, after chatting with Excypher, he's more than happy to flex the times to suit us best, in fact we've been offered the chance at running an Ops groups with times to our liking, and having Three officers within the guild (Yup, roll off, lowest gets demoted :P)

I cannot say how gracious they've been in giving us this level of control, honestly I never thought we'd come across such a welcoming bunch of folks. So basically we'll be moving from one home to another :). 

Raid wise,  most of our current team will be in our Raid Group, along with some of the folks already in Imperìum. We can trial people, and who knows, we may see some crossover between the two (maybe three?!) teams. 

We'll have more opportunities in NiM, doing 16 man content, seeing the older places, and bosses we've never seen before like Dreadful and Hateful Entity!

This doesn't mean we'd ostracise our more Social members, or folks who enjoy the Progression runs but can't attend often, we'll do our best to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The plan is to start transferring people over to Imperìum on Sunday, if you can't make it online then, please do not worry, we'll be keeping some Characters in the guild to facilitate transitioning for some time. So if you're away on work for a few weeks, and get back thinking 'wtf is going on', just send one of us a whisper, and you'll get an invite :).

It's been a pleasure and an honour to be the GM of Cult of Adas, and I sincerely wish we could have carried on as we had in the past, however we exhausted all possibilities. Imperìum gives us an opportunity that we couldn't have dreamed of, and will keep us as Guildies, Friends, and fellow Psychiatric ward patients together in addition to joining a cracking bunch of folks who are welcoming us with open arms, and hopefully you'll grow to love them as much as you (I hope) do the rest of us crazy sods!

I'll add more specifics in the days to come, and if you have any queries/concerns/insulting messages, please feel free to send them my way.

Massive thanks to my fellow Council members for everything they've done lately (And Ray for being a robot and not sleeping so that she could chat with Excypher).

And a final thank you to Reaker, I know I've been the GM for a long time now, but he was for far longer than me. Thank you for forming this Guild, we've had a hell of a journey together, here's looking for the next step.

- Kysh / Jason

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Nightmare Draxxus!

by Kyshwrae, 857 days ago

Looks like Brontes needs a new Gate Commander!


Enough said :). We did it before the Nerf! Cracking job tonight, and thanks to everyone who's come along on previous run who couldn't make it.

Now for Grob'thok! (P.S. He hurts...)

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