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About Cult of Adas

Cult of Adas

Is a guild on EU - The Red Eclipse - server, founded by freinds who have played mmos for a long time, coming from hardcore and social backgrounds.  We are so excited over SWTOR and aim to have a good time and enjoy the game to its fullest.  And to crush the Jedi and those that stand with them.

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Nightmare Nefra!

by Kyshwrae, 15 days ago

First Night. First Kill. Awesome Job. Ty to Zara for Tanking, and Ray for swapping about too! 

I don't like Beetles...

Grats Snow on the OH, and Mykey for the first piece of Dread master Gear :D! Hopefully Draxxus won't be too long on being posted here either.

Great job all!

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Dread Guards Nightmare Mode!

by Kyshwrae, 30 days ago


One more in the bag, cracking job all, long overdue. I was chuffed to see those 3 annoying sods finally fall! Bring on the rest!


And yes... Icaria is slapping in on the Pic... No respect from you lot :P.

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